a whole new level of enchantment

There are plenty of good web designers and even more fabulous artists, but imagine you could hire the best of both in one person to design your dream website?

That’s what I found in Alice.

I blog about creative home and garden ideas, and my vision was to have a rather magical, living site. Something that would evoke the same deep feelings of anticipation and beauty found in nature, with the look of illustrations from an old-fashioned story book.

The challenge from the tech standpoint is to do all of this while still having a fast-loading site that looks great on every screen type from tiny phones to desktop computers.

Alice is not just skilled in art and code, but intuitive and willing to explore new ideas. After seeing a few examples of my taste, she came up with the style and design for the site that not only matched my vision but added a whole new level of enchantment.

Thank you, Alice, for such a delightful site.

Melissa J. Will
Empress of Dirt

a perfect fit

I put off getting my own website for 12 years, because I was convinced that it would be a stressful, grueling process and that, somehow, I would make a monumental mess of the whole thing. Then a colleague recommended Alice Priestley and I decided to take the plunge. I’m so glad I did, because Alice turned out to be the perfect web designer! I sent her three pages of very disorganized notes explaining my vision and what I hoped the website would do. Somehow, she was able to take that mess of information and produce a website that’s a perfect fit for my personality and for my books. She also created a blog that works seamlessly with the website and that’s easy for me to use. Alice has been an incredible resource since the website’s creation, as well—whenever I need updates, she gets them done quickly. She has also sent me very clear, written instructions and screen shots to guide me through tasks that might confuse me (I’m not very computer savvy). And when I had a major problem with my first hosting company, she walked me through the process of switching to a better company. Alice is hard-working, talented, creative and professional. If you need any website work done, I highly recommend her.

Brenda Kearns

a great interpreter of concepts

Alice did a beautiful job creating my website. She understood with impressive ease the feeling I wanted to achieve through the site. She is professional, reliable, creative and a great interpreter of concepts. The bonus is she is ever so lovely to work with.

Teya Flaster

eye-catchingly professional

Alice was a wonderful source of artistic and practical advice to make my site dreams come true—I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a website that is organized, easy to navigate, and eye-catchingly professional.

Beverley Brenna

a pleasure to work with

Alice Priestley changed my website from ho-hum to vibrant, colourful and interesting. She is always open to new ideas and additions, and it has been a pleasure to work with her these past years. Can’t recommend her enough.

Karleen Bradford

web excellence

You are amazing and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who is looking for web excellence.

Norah McClintock


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